Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Our Children Learning?*

The Maciver Institute's "average" salary of over $100,000 for MPS teachers is making the rounds. Those damn educated bastards, with 16 years of experience, earning a decent wage. (It's actually around $50,000 per year on average.)

Luckily WEAC can correct the record an add some perspective:

"The average salary, which includes annual step increases for longevity and lane changes for educational attainment, was $51,264. Fifty-two percent of Wisconsin teachers hold master’s degrees and the average teacher has 16 years experience.

Once ranked 15th, teacher pay was capped in 1993 and has fallen ever since. Where teachers once received 103 percent of the national average in pay, they now receive only 93 percent.

In the last decade, real earnings for Wisconsin teachers declined by 2.3 percent. Teachers earn less today than they did a decade ago. Wisconsin ranked 46th nationally in salary change, with 45 states experiencing larger increases in income. "

How about some freakin' respect for teachers?! They not only have the responsibility of molding these young minds to compete, innovate, and grow, they have to babysit these brats daily and defend against never-ending public attacks from half-wits.


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