Thursday, February 17, 2011

Discerning Comments

Milwnative comments, in the Journal Sentinel:

"This financial mess was not created by public workers and their union contracts. it was caused by mismanagement and fraudulent practices by the banking and financial sectors (see financial meltdown ---2008). To scapegoat public workers is refusing to deal with what the real problem is...the financial meltdown caused by the greed at the top of society, not at the bottom or in the middle. Until the media and politicians start speaking out about this, the debate will continue to target the innocent victims of this financial meltdown."

EmbarrassedforWI also adds:

"Here is the list of Republican State Senators who are currently eligible to be recalled:

Robert Cowles (Senate District 2)
Alberta Darling (Senate District 8)
Sheila Harsdorf (Senate District 10)
Luther Olsen (Senate District 14)
Randy Hopper (Senate District 18)
Glenn Grothman (Senate District 20)
Mary Lazich (Senate District 28)
Dan Kapanke (Senate District 32)

Do your part to take back the Wisconsin State Senate. Start the recall of any senator from the list above who votes for Walker's Bill. It would only take the recall of three of these people to put the Senate back in Democratic control, and thwart any more of Walker's extreme far right agenda. Tell your friends and family that live in any of these districts to get started on a recall effort today...there is literally no time to waste. This can be done today. A recall of Walker can't start until January 2012."

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