Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Odd Couple: Scott Walker & Public Policy

The playbook is still the same, Scott Walker's Budget To Lower Income Tax Rates, Freeze Local Aid.

As suspected, Much Of The Savings From Scott Walker's Proposed Cut Would Go To The Top 20%.

How does Scott Walker plan on paying for this? Walker's Massive Borrowing Scheme.

Large tax cuts for the wealthy don't improve economic growth nor do they cause these same rich people to move to avoid such taxation. The Myth Of The Rich Who Flee From Taxes.

In fact, austerity - cutting budgets and spending, especially during our present sluggish economy- tends to make matters worse. Budget Cuts Seen As Risk To Growth Of The U.S. Economy.

So, what do we get for all this austerity, cutting, slashing, and freezing. Average Income Tax Cut Under Governor Walker Budget: $83.

Are these measures, at least, creating jobs? States' Private Sector Job-Creation Slowed, Census Data Shows.

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