Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boundless Republican Delusion

I continue to be amused by all of Scott Walker's talk of job creation. In a recent Journal Sentinel article, Walker drones on about his bold moves, his concern with economic development and job creation, how he wants everyone to get along, how he never points fingers, his opposition to the Milwaukee streetcar and an assault weapons ban, and how Milwaukee will eventually thank him for his visionary work.
"I'm a friend of the taxpayers, I'm a friend of the people, I'm a friend of the job creators," Walker said during a wide-ranging interview with Journal Sentinel editors and reporters. He added that even though he is not aligned politically with some city leaders, "in the end, the people in Milwaukee will fare better because of my tenure as governor, hands down."
He added, "I'd spend more time focusing on helping develop jobs and improving the (economic) climate, streamline the processes, as opposed to picking battles at either the state or federal level . . . finding ways to invest particularly in corridors where there is high unemployment."
Luckily, Patrick Curley, the Mayor's chief of staff, was able to respond:
Barrett did not respond to a request for comment, but Patrick Curley, his chief of staff, issued a statement. Curley said he was happy to hear the governor was in Milwaukee, adding that he hoped Walker had toured the Amani, Metcalfe Park and Washington Park neighborhoods. Those three north side neighborhoods have been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis and violent crime.
"There he would see neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosures, an issue he continues to ignore," Curley said. 
"It would have been great if he had gone a bit further north to see the old Tower Automotive site (where the Talgo train factory sits) because that's an area that we have invested millions in and would certainly appreciate an infusion of his promised Transform Milwaukee funds."
Yes, I'm sure Milwaukee is very happy that Walker has diverted federal funds for foreclosure to the general account so Walker can spend it as he wants rather than on what the money was intended for - foreclosures. Walker's refusal of other federal funding, which killed millions in investment and has caused the train manufacturer Talgo to leave town (and they're also suing the state), also doesn't bode well for jobs and economic development. And, don't forget the millions in state aid that has been stripped from Milwaukee in Walker's recent budgets. Sure, what better way to ignite growth than to cut the economic engine of the state - Milwaukee - off at the knees.

In Wisconsin, we've actually seen jobs leaving, millions in disinvestment, and some of the worst job growth among all the states. But, for Walker, this is streamlining processes and improving the economic climate and quality of life. Yes, because when the opposite of what you claimed was supposed to happen is happening, Walker thinks his plan is still on track, things are going as planned, and the people will be thankful. Republican delusion has no bounds.

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