Friday, March 29, 2013

Republicans, Or The Better Alternative

Why Does Anyone Still Take Paul Ryan Seriously?
Paul Ryan's House Budget Echoes Republican Vision From 2012

In A Stinging Post-Mortem, GOP Promises To Change

What they've really promised is to be more elusive and vague in their messaging, and more active in their marketing.
"The way we communicate our principles isn't resonating enough," said GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. 
See, Republicans don't want to change their racist, homophobic, business-pandering, class warfare, corrupt, regressive ways. They just want to reword their message so voters will think their sow's ear is a silk purse. Republicans have learned nothing.

House Progressive Have The Best Answer To Paul Ryan
The correct counterpart to the unbridled ambition of the Ryan budget isn’t the cautious plan released by the Senate Democrats. It’s the “Back to Work” budget released by the House Progressives.

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