Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thirsty Suburbs

A May 13 Journal-Sentinel editorial, Unwarranted, chastised Clean Wisconsin for intervening, on behalf of the environment, in Waukesha's attempt to obtain diverted water from Lake Michigan. The paper concedes Clean Wisconsin meant well, but their input was unnecessary. We don't need debate, "pressure politics," or public education when we're dealing with such a non-issue like water?

But [thinking about the bigger picture] why not - regarding these water-starved areas - make them institute growth boundaries, population or usage limits, as a prerequisite of any water diversion? Obviously mother nature never intended such intensive uses and such concentrations of people in these areas. Also, the price should be much, much higher. Water is a vital resource becoming more and more scarce for certain communities. Those located in unsustainable areas should pay the real cost of obtaining diverted water. Meaning, a huge amount, an amount that encourages conservation and development in more sustainable areas.

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