Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cousins Center

The Journal-Sentinel feels Cardinal Stritch backing away from their intention to build at the Cousins Center site is a blow to St. Francis and the area. They feel the proposal was a "perfect fit" for the site and all involved.

They highlight that the development would have provided "community benefits and jobs." But what about the community benefits of open space and tranquility. Not to mention a habitat for the wildlife of the area.

What is the obsession with growth, for growth's sake, and paving over all open space?

Couldn't redevelopment of brownfields or blighted buildings in the city, especially in the most depressed areas, be an even better development? This could involve the resuse of unused or underused existing facilities, a revitalization of an impoverised section of the city, and the maintenance of green space.

This converges nicely with the push for development of county grounds at the edge of the city for expansion of UWM facilities. Let's reuse existing buildings within the city before we bulldoze and pave green space.

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