Saturday, September 20, 2014

Walker Getting Desperate

It's understandable why the Walker campaign is grasping at straws and manufacturing gotcha moments. But why is the media running with it? (As usual, Journal Sentinel, I'm looking at you.)

Of course I'm referring to the latest dust-up - Wisconsin Republicans complaining because Mary Burke's job growth plan is similar/identical to other Democrats' plans.

If we dig into the Scott Walker playbook we'll see that major parts of it were written by ALEC, the Koch brothers, the Heritage Foundations, etc. And, similar language and prescriptions were used by numerous Republicans in the State and around the country.

The fact that Mary Burke wants the same things as other Democrats ... what is so strange/nefarious about that? Best practices that grow jobs in one part of the State or the country usually will have the same results elsewhere.

The Walker campaign is obviously feeling the pressure from Mary Burke. Walker's desperation and lack of any positive accomplishments of his own are leading his campaign to invent scandals.

The only real scandals are the broken promises of Scott Walker and how truly horrible he has been for Wisconsin.

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