Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blasts From The (Deceptive) Past: Scott Walker Edition

Governor Scott Walker Caught In Political Plagiarism
So confusing was the dog and pony show Walker created to take credit for someone else’s work, the media actually found themselves confused. Was Walker announcing 125 jobs in addition to the 125 the media knew the Doyle Administration had already created?
Scott Walker, college drop-out or kicked-out?
I wish I could say definitely why he never graduated – it is a closely guarded secret. I believe the general line of thinking – that Scott Walker was caught cheating.
Scott Walker’s History Exposes a Dark, Illegal Past Behind The Choir Boy Face
Walker attended Marquette from 1986 to 1990, but never attained a degree. His sophomore year, Walker ran for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University (ASMU, the former title for Marquette Student Government). He was accused of violating campaign guidelines on multiple occasions. 
The Tribune reported then that he was found guilty of illegal campaigning two weeks before his candidacy became official. Later, a Walker campaign worker was seen placing brochures under doors at the YMCA. Door-to-door campaigning was strictly prohibited.

Walker initially denied this but later admitted to the violation, which resulted in lost campaign privileges at the YMCA.
Walker Campaign's “Wisconsin Comeback” plagiarizes Gov. Brownback's popular phony Kansas Comeback!!!
Scott Walker plagiarized Gov. Sam Brownback's Kansas Comeback campaign.
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