Friday, June 28, 2013

Ranked 19th - Milwaukee County Parks

ParkScore, from the Trust for Public Land, recently ranked the Milwaukee County Park system 19th. 

Minneapolis (1st) was the best, followed by New York City (2nd). Fresno (50th), Louisville (49th), Indianapolis (47th) and Charlotte (47th) were the worst.  Fresno's low score was 27.5. Minneapolis scored 81. Milwaukee scored 57.5. 
City Stats
City area: 154,497 acres
Median park size: 8.07 acres
Park land as % of city area: 10.4 %
Spending per resident: $70.67
Playgrounds per 10,000: 1.2
Population density: 3.8 per acre 
Park Facts
Park acreage: 16,085 acres
People served per park acre: 32
Oldest park: Cathedral Square Park, est. 1835
Largest park: Whitnall Park, 625acres
Most-visited park: Veterans Park

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