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Glass Boxes As "Iconic" Architecture

Maybe some of the professors from the School of Architecture need to provide UWM Chancellor Mike Lowell some information regarding the buildings that make up the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus.

In a recent article, UW-Milwaukee Launches Research Center Construction, Chancellor Lowell (regarding the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Center, which will house the physics department) commented:
It's going to be a gateway to campus from the south on Maryland Avenue," Lovell said of the glassy five-story building. "We really don't have any iconic buildings on campus to showcase. This will be iconic.
Here's a refresher on some of the already iconic buildings on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus.

From an OnMilwaukee article:
Downer College, Hartford and Downer Avenues...Merrill Hall's battlemented tower and the ornate decoration above the entrance to Johnston Hall. Designed by Alexander Eschweiler and executed in red sandstone, terra cotta and brick.
Waymarking details:
MILWAUKEE-DOWNER COLLEGE, 2512 E. Hartford Ave., is a private school for women. Its eleven red-brick buildings in Tudor Gothic design stand on a wooded campus of 50 acres. In 1895 the school was founded through coalition of Milwaukee College, chartered under the auspices of the Congregational Church in 1851, and Downer College, chartered in 1855 at Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Milwaukee College, which had been started in 1848 as the Milwaukee Female Seminary, was reorganized in 1851 through the efforts of Catherine Beecher, sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and of Henry Ward Beecher, abolitionist author and preacher. Although primarily a liberal arts college, Milwaukee-Downer has pioneered in art, home economics, and occupational therapy. ---Wisconsin, A Guide to the Badger State, 1941 
Today the college is part of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The Milwaukee-Downer moved to Appleton and joined with Lawrence College when UW purchased this property.
The Milwaukee-Downer "Quad" NRHP on the campus of UW-Milwaukee, at the corner of Hartford and Downer. This view is looking north at Merrill Hall (architect Howland Russel), with Johnston Hall (architect Alexander C. Eschweiler) to the right. Holton Hall is out of view to the left. [source]
Chapman Hall 2310 East Hartford Ave

Excellent example of Collegiate Gothic architecture. A large tower rises above the mutil-gabled building, which is faced with russet brick and brown sandstone trim. [source]

Sabin Hall 3413 North Downer Ave

Collegiate Gothic structure constructed of red-brown brick and sandstone.

Vogel Hall 3253 North Downer Ave

Red-brown brick college building designed in the English Tudor mode. Architect: Eschweiler & Eschweiler. [source]

Zelazo Center 2419 East Kenwood Blvd

Neo-classical synagogue with a cut Indiana limestone exterior. [source]

Mitchell Hall 3203 North Downer Ave

Educational building contructed in the Neoclassical Style, which was popular in public and institutional architecture of the early 20th century. The facade is red brick with contrasting trim and colonnade. [source]

Merrill Hall 2512 East Hartford Ave

Hefter Conference Center 3271 North Lake Dr

Mansion designed in a restrained Elizabethan mode; constructed of brown brick with stone trim. Architect: Fitzhugh Scott. [source]

Alumni House 3230 East Kenwood Blvd.

Constructed of Plymouth Stone Ashlar and a slate shingle roof. Outstanding Tudor mansion whose design adheres closely to historic precedent. The house is especially notable for the quality of materials and worksmanship, evident in the Plymouth stone walls, slate roof, carved stone trim, ornamental leaded glass, interior woodwork, and hand wrought hardware. Architect: McDonald Mayer and Fitzhugh Scott. [source]

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