Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gridlock & Recessions - Or - Thanks, Republicans!

Typical hypocrisy and myth-making coming from the right-wingers.

Sean Hannity and the other FOX charlatans are complaining because President Obama took a vacation.

They're very upset.

Suddenly they're blathering on and on about the "real" unemployment rate.

Suddenly they're worried about workers and creating jobs.

They conveniently ignore George W. Bush's economic record (and the record of all Republican policies, in general).

When Republicans are in power, where is the outrage when:
  • our deficit is doubling (Reagan) and tripling (Bush)?
  • workers' wages are stagnating (as they did during the Bush administration)?
  • unemployment continues to grow (as it did during George W. Bush)?
Until the Republicans actually follow the rules on the inside of the box, this game can't be played, and we certainly can't have an adult conversion. How can we ever formulate responsible and fair public policy under such ludicrous circumstances?

It's arguing with people willing to cut off their own nose just to spite their face.

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