Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too Little Too Late

Eight months into his first term as Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker finally decides it's time to be bipartisan and focus on jobs.

Does the fact that the Dems regained two State Senate seats have anything to do with that?

Now that Walker can't just push through anything he'd like, he's decided to be bipartisan.

And, let's be clear, the Democrats won the recall campaign. They gained two seats. The Republicans - zero.

Surely the Dem's gains are partially because of Walker's attack on collective bargaining and his policy priorities thus far - voter ID; concealed-carry; killing the train, broadband expansion, and wind farms; more corporate tax breaks; etc.

If only Scottie had been concerned with job creation and working on necessary policies for Wisconsinites, maybe the whole recall brouhaha wouldn't have materialized. Instead he pandered to cronies, focused on ideological dictates, and has ended up increasing unemployment in Wisconsin.

The stage is set for a Scott Walker recall in early 2012.

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