Saturday, September 12, 2009

Public Dollars, Private Profits

We have $50+ million for Mercury Marine, $409 million for General Motors, $500+ million for Miller Park, roughly $400 million for Lambeau Field renovations, and $5 million for a movie, yet state and local government have no money for sick days, to cover pension commitments, to ensure living wage jobs, or to create a public works program to employ residents during the current recession.

Governor Doyle, Mayor Barrett and County Executive Scott Walker have all threatened pay-cuts, lay-offs, furloughs, terminations, increased health care premiums, and reneging on pension obligations as solutions to the "budget crisis." They can't consider overturning exemptions on the one-third of properties in the state that pay no property taxes, raising taxes on the wealthiest, or cracking down on corporate tax evasion. No. As usual, the workers, not the wealthy, must suffer. The unfortunate victims caught between blackmailing, mobile corporations and spineless federal legislators.

It seems our tax dollars are plentiful for persistent private ventures and playgrounds, but not available for local service provision and sustaining a quality of life for all citizens.

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downey said...

Privatize the gains, socialize the losses. Corporate America is full of criminals.