Saturday, September 26, 2009

Master Bureaucrat: The Financial Sector

"Bureaucrat" stirs thoughts of a unproductive slacker, needlessly pushing papers in make-work employment.

This definition led me to think about how perfectly the financial sector fits this mold.

They produce nor create anything of value. Their job is to basically rearrange the chairs and call it work, while taking their cut. And what a mind-boggling cut it is.

Compare this to what we typically conjure when we spew "bureaucrat," the average public sector, government employee - one that fights fires, polices the streets, provides clean water, educates - making far less than their financial sector counterparts. They also seem to face much more scorn from the press and right-wing politicians as costly budgetary constraints.

So, sadly, the group (government public sector) that produces numerous "goods" for citizens at a relatively modest cost must be reigned in.

Yet, the largely unproductive and inefficient sector (finance) that costs an extravagant amount must continue to receive support; continue to be referred to as "the only way;" and continue to be given loopholes, tax breaks, exemptions, and giveaways.

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