Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Birth Certificate

The "Birthers" must not have home computers, or they are just too ignorant to do a web search. Luckily, I can. Here's the certificate and further proof. Now, please, Birthers, shut the f*#@ up!


Lou Dobbs and his ilk feel Obama must produce the authentic certificate (whatever that is) - the certificate of live birth just won't do - to get this "noise" out of the way. The certificate Obama has produced is no good. The fact that the governor of Hawaii, the administrator of the hospital, the Hawaii health director, and others (whom else do they need to hear from?) have vouched for the fact Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, all of this is irrelevant to the Birthers.

And, the gaul Dobbs and these morons have - to feel that whatever dumbass idea or conspiracy theory they're obsessing on, the President must address it to their satisfaction. Yes, right now the country needs nothing more than Obama proving he's not a socialist, nor a muslim, was born in the U.S., loves babies, and thinks the flag is pretty.

Could the anti-Obama crowd be any more ludicrous? Oh, all of you "professionals" in the Mainstream Media, keep up the shitty work by continually putting these nuts and this waste of time on the public airwaves.

As usual, Jon Stewart covers this ridiculousness beautifully.

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