Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Media-created Misinformation

Why do networks present Liz Cheney's opinion? Because she's the daughter of Dick Cheney? It seems the more illogical, nasty, and delusional the Republicans get, the more the media presents their opinions as viable.

The Republican party should be the laughingstock of anyone whom overhears their irrational suggestions. They call Obama a communist, they feel Sarah Palin is on par with FDR, the want to do nothing to fix health care, they would like to see more programs cut (especially Medicare and Social Security), they are against increasing the minimum wage, the stimulus (only months in) is already a failure, and they are against anything that helps everyday workers at the expense of the uber wealthy. They are the antithesis of public servants.

Hopefully this country will get its collective head out of its ass and stop listening to and giving credibility to these cranks on the right.

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