Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking A Healthy Approach To Health Care

John Torinus, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and WMC propagandist, predictably feels the answer to our health care system concerns should come from business. And from a subsidiary of a magazine printing company no less. I am not saying they may not have good ideas and some good suggestions regarding the matter, but the delivery and implementation issues of health care are just as important as the management. A profit-driven, cost-cutting, avoid-the-sick mentality does not fit well into health care. It's not just about the cost, it's about the quality and access of the care given.

How about we allow the input of doctors, physicians, nurses, et al in determining our health care system? How about you "business" guys stick to running your companies into the ground, begging for trillions in bailouts, crashing the financial system, and exploding the world economy.

In the last few decades we've turned health care over to the insurance companies with "managed" care -- and this has led to disastrous results. Now Torinus, never one to contradict his unwavering belief in corporate omnipotence, would like to see things turned over to corporate clinics opertating at business sites. This plan seems as though it would be replacing one greedy overlord (HMOs) with another. Neither of which care about health care, but rather see this as another business opportunity...another avenue toward profit.

As business has played a larger part in politics and policy-making, the U.S. has seen itself become a debtor rather than creditor nation, wages for the majority of workers have stagnated, the environment has been ravaged, economic periods of boom and bust have become more frequent, pensions are a thing of the past, social services have been continually dismantled, and the numbers of uninsured keep increasing. Sorry, but I just dont trust these same selfish, short-sighted know-nothings to "manage" my health care.

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