Monday, March 16, 2009

Stop The Insanity!

I'm assuming since Tucker Carlson doesn't have the stage he's had in the past, he must be trying to pick a fight with Jon Stewart, who has been in the news lately. Or, is he holding a grudge from Stewart's appearance on Crossfire, where Stewart evicerated co-host Paul Begala and Carlson?

This backlash scenario the Republicans are trying to dream up here, to get some badmouthing of Jon Stewart, all starts with the idea that - Jon Stewart ["partisan hack", "pompous jerk"] began his criticism of Santelli, CNBC, and Cramer because Obama's budget was criticized.

This is classic Republican diversionism. They steer the story away from policy decisions, the stimulus, etc. They invoke wedge-issue personal attacks and character assassinations. Now we've got a media meme going around, "Those mean Democrats", "They're bullies." And the chance to make the money we're spending go toward investments in the future of our country could be drowned out by this tabloid-style yammering.

The President needs a counter-insurgency operation to give an ass-whoopin' to some business reporters, financial advisers, and television financial shows, by questioning their poor management and choices, if not corruption.

And the implication that - the obvious choice is Jon Stewart?

I mean...really...I thought Keith Olbermann was the partisan hack bully? Oh, I guess it's just anyone who points out that CNBC-et al spewings are garabge and not backed-up by anything tangible, those people are partisan hack bullies.

I've seen Sean Hannity insult Robert Kuttner, Bill O'Reilly insult Barney Frank, and many members of the punditocracy leveling ridiculous and false accusations at anyone brave enough to speak truth to power. If anyone understands mean-spirited, guttersnipe, bullying, it's definitely the right-wingers.

This is how low the Republicans have sunk this quickly. Disgraceful. This isn't even an adult conversation. What in our empirical-data-measured reality do Republicans have to support any of the crap they've been spouting for 30 years?

Nada. They got nothin'! Stop the insanity!

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