Thursday, April 12, 2018

"Liberals 'Deserve' Trump"?

Meghan McCain Shouts That Liberals 'Deserve' Trump During Fight with Joy Behar Over Paul Ryan's Retirement
“What do you want? If Paul Ryan isn’t good enough,” McCain shouted, and Behar said she wanted him out of the House. “But that’s not logical. We live in a democracy, we should want two healthy parties. They are against each other, but if Paul Ryan is the greatest sin, this is how we got Trump because if Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and people like this are the worst politicians, then you deserve Trump. He was trying to fight for democracy and ideals. Now I have no idea.”
So, because the Republican party, which is supposedly full of so many good and well-meaning people, has been taken over by Donald Trump's all-encompassing shit-show, the "Liberals" deserve Donald Trump?


Because Republicans aided and abetted Trump in obtaining the White House, somehow the Democrats are getting what they deserve?

What kind of fucking logic is this?

During the presidential campaign, some Republicans did voice displeasure and disbelief in Donald Trump. Yet, as soon as Trump won, nary an oppositional word could be heard from Republicans. They went out of their way to make excuses for Donald Trump, his tweets, his policies and his inane ramblings.

Sorry, Meghan McCain, "Liberals" do not deserve Donald Trump. You, Paul Ryan and your whole baseless, soulless party deserve Donald Trump. "Liberals" and this country deserve much better. 

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