Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wisconsin Job Growth

                                             2013             2014           Change
Wisconsin ....................| 2,815,900   |   2,845,900   |   30,000 
The net total private jobs added since January 2011 - 102,300. 
Shouldn't we be hearing/reading more about the spectacular failure of job creation under the Walker administration? Governor Walker is 147,000 jobs short of his 250,000-jobs proclamation.

Does anyone really believe this amount of job growth will occur within the next six months?

The unions had to be destroyed. According to the revisionist Republican history, public workers had ruined the economy. Tax cuts and deregulation - the usual Republican elixirs - were going to save the state/world. 

Mr. Walker told Wisconsin voters he was going to create 250,000 jobs during his term.

Mr. Walker knowingly misinformed voters. 

According to the Republicans' own standards: policy-failures should have consequences.

Hopefully the consequences for such failure will be a new governor for Wisconsin in November.

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