Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Art Of Misdirection

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes, Walker won’t say whether he knew of secret email system. Directly under this they also link, Soros-backed group pores over emails.

Things are equally corrupt on both sides, don't you know? Even if you do already know, the Journal still wants to remind you.  

I'm led to think the Journal wants us to hold judgment on Scott Walker (he's really not a bad guy) but maintain a vigilant eye on these agitating liberal operatives.

I wonder why Republicans (and, now the Journal Sentinel, for some reason) cast such disapproving snarls at George Soros. I get that he funds organizations that try to help human rights, education, and public health. But he's also, as the Republicans would say, a job creator. A businessman who made it big. One of the wealthiest people in the world. Just being megarich usually makes one 99% infallible for Republicans. But Soros is the exception. He supports policies that often align with the Democrats and, for this, there can be no forgiveness.

And, because Soros supports these Democratic policies, that makes him evil and conniving. 

But, back to the real story - Scott Walker's illegal campaigning. Isn't it a good thing that someone is looking over these e-mails? It's a pretty big story. Yet another Republican governor involved in petty politics, illegalities, and cover-ups. Shouldn't the Journal be pushing and pestering the Governor to come clean with the details? Open record requests and scouring e-mails?

Walker was the 'straight-shooting, no beating around the bush, get it done and make no excuses' guy.

Walker won't say whether he knew of a secret e-mail system? Come on Mr. Big Talk, Mr. Tough Guy. Weren't you the one who rode into office promising the moon and the stars? You were going to clean up the State, make the tough but needed decisions, and get Wisconsin going again. Oh, and the jobs! You were going to create so many jobs.

But don't worry, it's not your fault Scotty. And we'll be sure to keep an eye on that mean ole George Soros, too.

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