Saturday, February 9, 2013

There Is No Alternative

Should we just go ahead and pencil in the Republicans (again) as being against aid for New Englanders, which will most assuredly be needed after the most recent storm?

'Behemoth' Storm Leaves 650K Without Power In New England

And, I'm sure this is one of those times where a certain "thing," which is happening as we speak, isn't the most opportune time to discuss said topic. Climate changing, not the time to talk about climate change. Rash of gun violence, not the time to talk about guns. Natural occurrences shutting down whole regions of a supposedly advanced nation, not the time to talk about those utilities, transportation systems, and other basic infrastructure.

It would be too easy, and simple, to just employ a large public works program to alleviate our unnecessarily high unemployment whilst simultaneously upgrading infrastructure, modernizing utilities, greening public buildings, improving public transportation entities and options, burying power lines, implementing more sustainable energy sources, and numerous other upgrades, long overdue in the U.S.  

Sadly though, no. Not going to happen.

Tax cuts to the rescue! 


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