Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tommy Thompson: Liar

There they go again.

In their continuous effort to lie and mislead, the Republicans (on behalf of Tommy Thompson) are experiencing cognitive dissonance and also using completely debunked talking-points. In a new television ad for Thompson, they are purporting that Tammy Baldwin wants to cut Medicare by $716 billion and that the Republicans are the party that wants to save Medicare.

OK, first, the $716 billion "cut" is actually savings. This is the government not paying for useless procedures, snuffing out fraud, and not reimbursing ridiculous rates. Medicare isn't shrinking, nor are its recipients benefits decreasing, the amount merely refers to savings from controlling waste and fraud.

Second, Republicans want to end Medicare (not to mention Social Security). They are the ones coming up with plans to eliminate eligible recipients, to increase the eligible age, and to turn Medicare into a voucher program (which is a fancy way of saying you'll have to pay more).

It should be unlawful to broadcast such blatant lies...especially when it concerns electing public officials. (I believe Canada actually has such a policy.) But, as should be evident by now, lies are all the Republicans have to offer.

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