Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Water Is Right Here

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been critical of the City's dealings with Waukesha over diverting Lake Michigan water for Waukesha's "needs". This is another example of the Journal's approach to economic development - Just Do It! (Nevermind The Consequences).

Oak Creek, Racine and Milwaukee - a coalition of the coastal - should join forces and lure businesses from Waukesha. If you need water that bad, it's more environmental to go where the water is than to divert the water to you. So how about forgetting about dealing with Waukesha under their demands.

Why should these naturally-advantaged locations [water] continue to subsidize and enable sprawling development, and their own decline, because of these suburban sprawlers' "needs"?

Isn't this exactly how those free-market Waukesha conservatives live their lives? Water is expensive because it's, more so, becoming a finite and localized resource. Supply and demand. What is the reasoning behind providing such water welfare to Waukesha?

Funny how such strongly held principles and world-views are so pliable when the advantage is in someone else's hands.

Just as those in Waukesha have been so helpful in promoting rail in the area. Or as they have been so helpful in employing inner-city residents with their suburban employment expansion over the past few decades.

Suddenly, sharing (socialist!) policies make good economic sense.

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