Saturday, October 29, 2011

Investment Versus Debt

$4.8 trillion of this (if we include the total $1 trillion, pre-Reagan, debt as the Democrats' debt), for argument's sake,  can be considered the Democrats.

That leaves $9.2 trillion the responsibility of the Republicans.

Over sixty-five percent of our debt is the responsibility of the tax-cut, deregulation, government-stinks, unions-are-thugs cabal.

We have one party - the Democrats - investing in the country, thereby incurring debt:

  • the infrastructure: roads, bridges, trains, wind turbines, broadband
  • the people: earned income tax credits, retraining incentives, unemployment insurance, Medicare, public works, green jobs
And, another party - the Republicans - digging in their heels on deregulation, public sector ineptitude, corporate tax cuts, and privatization; the policies explaining the majority of their debt-incurrence.

At least with the Democrats' policies we have something to show for what we've spent; an actual investment.

With the Republicans, all we seem to get is more debt and a continually-morphing economic platform impervious to empirical evidence and increasingly self-assured, even in the face of apparent failure.

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