Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nowhere Else To Go

Peter Schiff (as evidenced in the video below) is leading the "treasuries doomsday" scenario. [The idea that the Chinese and other nations will suddenly dump U.S. Treasuries, lowering the dollar, spiking interest rates, and causing stock prices to fall.] Reality isn't quite following his preconceived economic paradigm, so he's manufacturing his own delusional storyline to make his world right again. And, he's hoping you believe it.

The Fast Money host directly discredits Schiff. But Peter wouldn't hear it. Peter's world is what he wants it to be.

We can't make good policy or get it passed when one side of the argument won't even deal with reality. The U.S. isn't flooding the world with money. (An oft repeated claim in the echo chamber is that the U.S. is printing boatloads of money. Thereby, devaluing the dollar.) The Chinese don't actually own that much of our debt. We don't need the Chinese for low interest rates.

Following the initial Fast Money segment, Paul Krugman and Peter Barbera then, also, dismiss Schiff and his unsupported tales.

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