Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Job Destruction

More jobs lost due to Scott Walker. [h/t The Political Environment]

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Anonymous said...

Hey :/
You seem to be kinda an "independent thinker" and not just a PartyTalkingPoint bitch as so many WI bloggers are. Also, you seem a bit angry, which IMO is good. So, If you have the time to look at why key Dems are suddenly backing Walker's latest budget resubmission/plan, which is still apparently going to decimate all kinds of important stuff...anyhow they're saying everything's ducky now an all we need is for those few folks to get the collective bargaining, but fuck all the rest. wtf
And they say -"this is what Walker shoulda done in the first place" well, I'm too close to blowin' my own head off. I don't get this at all, my brain is boiling.
"Democratic Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller and Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca both praised the [Walker] plan"
and they're going to skip thru daisies together and consummate with a glorious vote on Tuesday..
what the fuckin hell...How nice.

There's NO WAY Walker has a new shiney budget that upholds social infrastructure and supports the official Dem party values (not that real Democrats even do that) But that's like the oldest trick in the book - propose a REALLY HARSH PLAN, one that scares the livin shit outta everyone, then step back and offer a "milder plan" which would have seemed HARSH and INSANE and totally unacceptable, if you hadn't shocked and awed everyone out of their normal frames of reference.

If the Democrats fall for crap like that after ALL THIS LATEST SHIT, well it won't be just John Stewart "giving up" and good luck getting people to the polls after that. No one can squander the vast untamed power of a popular uprising the way the Democrats can. It's getting to be like if the Koch bros. are paying them under the table to undermine their own side. And if key Democrats start talking all nice about Walker et al that's going to take the momentum out of the recall effort. Why crap on all the massive work that has gone into that? These guys are all nuts. There's times you say nice stuff about your opponents and times you goddam DON'T. WE all swallowed too much garbage from these Fitzwalker asshats for our representatives to start forgetting that now. Walker's plan is NICE huh? but the public is still being treated like slobs and parasites by the guys Miller/Barca are praising.
Well party on, I guess Mark Miller and Peter Barca are gonna force feed us all Johnsonville sausages Tuesday.
Enjoy that O_o