Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You And Your Rules!

It appears the operatives at FOX have infiltrated the White House with some of their Kool-Aid. President Obama is parroting the right-wing mantra of "too much regulation" as a reason for the slow-growing economy and our lack of job growth.

If we actually had left post- Great Depression regulation in place, modernized other regulations to keep apace with financial chicanery, and allowed these policies some teeth, we wouldn't have a near-Depression economy and anemic job growth.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is the biggest douche to come down the road in a century.

His bait-and-switch crap is really really getting upsetting.
Obama lied, people cried.
I had a bad feeling back during the campaign when he sucked ass over at the conservative church creeper in Calif. (I forget the anti-gay preacher's name but he is a total jackass) Obama was flinging rhetoric like Carl Sandburg (lol i dunno if that makes sense I'm in Obama Rage right now, and verbal skill are low grr) anyways that pandering made me really nervous.
Whip up that giant populist wave to get you over the hump and then build some really high levees once you're there. 'tis our dear Obama.
(btw if MLKjr was still alive I wonder what he'd REALLY think about Barracky's little policies re: the poor etc Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah I thought so grrr)