Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Ugly Culture

Rachel Maddow is probably our most analytical and insightful television news person. Her recent segment, Decision 1964, was a stellar presentation of elections, Republicans, politics, media, and culture.

No longer is our politics a discussion of the proper role of government and the basic/minimum services we wish to see provided. No longer does the dialogue concern what is best for the progress and sustenance of our society.

Politics is pure power and cronyism.

The implicit (and sometime, even, overt) bigotry being paraded around this country as electioneering is shameful. Anyone with friends, relatives, or even acquaintances, in places where such neanderthals are running for office, be sure to remind those voters of the moral and ethical duties for voting against such uninformed thinking, and the disgrace stigmatized upon anyone whom would allow such monsters to represent our country in any type of public office.

Although, I'm with Rand Paul, let's allow racists to keep blacks out of their place of business. Let's allow private property owners to discriminate against certain customers. Let's bring these racists out of the woodwork. Let them declare they believe certain humans are less than others. Let them discriminate and turn away many potential customers. Let them expose themselves for the hate-filled barbarians they are, and, simultaneously, be shunned by society for such actions and run out of business.

While we're fixing things, let's institute some stricter requirements for holding public office. Christine O'Donnell if you claim to be a constitutional scholar, you should have at least read the constitution. The Tea Baggers and Republicans claim expert legal and constitutional knowledge, yet they seem to have never read the constitution, nor can they ever name a recent Supreme Court decision that would repeal.

And, sorry, Scott Walker, but my candidate for governor should at least be a college graduate. [Not a dropout. Quitters remind me so much of Sarah Palin.] I'm of the opinion that public officials do important public work and I want qualified and educated people analyzing and deciding such work. Not just some folksy wing-nut one might want to have a beer with.

Vote Democrat November 2nd.

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ReasonableCitizen said...

I think Fareed Zakaria surpasses Maddow.
I think that society should place restrictions on individual behaviors like racism. If society stands for nothing then there is no society.
If your qualification for competence is a formal education then you must be critical of Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs and thousands of Americans who have accomplished more without a formal education than those who do have it. Plenty of MBAs on Wall Street, plenty of college degrees in Washington DC, and plenty of college educated professionals who are homeless and drug addicted.
Sometimes we only see what we wish to see.