Sunday, July 11, 2010

Self-Indulgent Swindler

Poor Big Business, our mean ole' President is out to get them. At least that's what John Torinus is whining about (yet again!). He claims President Obama does not like business and there has been over-regulation due to the financial crisis.

As Paul Krugman explains, U.S corporate taxation is not overly burdensome compared with other countries. Krugman's latest column also highlights the fact that corporate profits are up 44% from the previous year.

Paul Volcker stated, “The thing went from what is best to what could be passed," regarding new financial regulation. Russ Feingold said, ""It doesn't do the job, and I'm not going to be part of basically defrauding the American people into thinking it does."

Torinus throws in the ludicrous claim, "Tommy Thompson was a governor in the 1990s who understood pro-business policies, but also the value of positive signals and strokes." Tommy Thompson left office with a $3.2 billion deficit. Oh yes, quite the businessman. Even during the second most horrific recession this country has seen, the current state deficit is just $2.7 billion.

These are simply more tactics and propaganda of the Coddled Class trying to protect the status quo. Everyone is out to get them. Taxes have their hands tied. They've done nothing to give us reason to question their intentions nor motives.

Other than their corruption, fraud, and greed that has sunk the world economy and led to the most inequitable situation this country has seen since the Gilded Age.

Torinus and his ilk want to dismantle social programs, punish public workers, relieve themselves from paying taxes, and have their profits assured into perpetuity (at taxpayer's and worker's expense).

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