Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheerleading Inefficiency

Michael Rosen, economics professor and blogger of Midcoast Views, rebukes Scott Walker's proposal of an Office of Business Development for the County, in a Journal Sentinel article, Development Proposal is Grandstanding.

Rosen reminds us, "Lest we forget, Milwaukee County had an Economic and Community Development Division that Walker dismantled to cut costs." As Rosen shows, though, this one would be different because the employees would be appointed by Walker without input from the County Board.

The other stunning factoid in this ridiculous proposal from Walker is the support and boosterism it has received from the Journal Sentinel. The same paper that amps up drama around public-workers' contracts and pay (to sell papers), now is pushing for government expansion in what would be one of the most unneeded, duplicative bureaucracies yet.

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